SASS Podcast, Episode 1

"SASS: Science, Spirituality and SASS; A Guide to Awakening; with a Twist."

Episode 1: Spinning Out

We all have anxious friends and family members, some of whom tend to emotionally spin out frequently. It's really easy to get caught up in the heightened emotion and on today's episode we are going to discuss the spin out and tips for how to help someone when they are spinning out.

Show Notes:

1st basic rule of the spinout - 2:00 - 3:30

Until someone is calm they won’t be able to see things in a different way - explain how the brain and nervous system work

2nd rule 3:45 - 4:37

Distract them - when you feed a story it grows, is this a story you want to continue to grow? If no, distract them and direct them away from it. If they do want to vent, limit the venting session.

3rd rule - 5:40 - 7:00

With people who are starting to wake up…helping them identify and wake up to the fact that they are operating under narratives.

On: “People can’t change” - 8:26 - 8:40

On: Wanting to rescue/save others: 8:28 - 11:02 and

On: Core Beliefs: 11:00-11:53 - The beliefs we hold about what it means to be human and life and alive are our anchors. The anchors bring us back to our center. That’s how we gut check and fact check our egos.

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