Our Approach

The Kollective was formed out of an understanding that sustainable lifestyle changes typically work best from a balanced approach - one that incorporates the mind, body AND spirit. Our mission is to provide access to and packages for, entire life transformation, from the inside out.

The Kollective Co. was founded by Katie Kovaleski in the Summer of 2019 as an answer to a lack of efficiency in the health and wellness field. Throughout over a decade of experience as a Mental Health Therapist and Life Coach, Katie had noted that dis-ease and disease seemed to be caused by a lack of balance when it came to "healing." In 2015 her own personal journey led her to incorporate self-care practices into her life and that is when she realized that the combination of elements and modalities that include the mind, body and spirit created a potent and sustainable recipe for transformation. After running a nonprofit that provided self-care programs for three years, she decided to shift paths and widen her practice by founding The Kollective Co., a place where all of three of those elements could exist in every service offering and program.

Meet The Kollective

Katie Kovaleski

My name is Katie Kovaleski and I am the founder of The Kollective Co. and I couldn’t be more thrilled to be here, connecting with you! My journey into self-care really started almost a dozen years ago when I became a life coach, shortly after I finished grad school and was a marriage and family/mental health therapist. I have a deep respect for therapy and all of its benefits and at the same time was still searching for something more. Four years ago my own journey with holistic self-care tools began and I started to see the amazing and sustainable benefits that occurred when I used tools that combined the mind, body and spirit. Fast forward four years and I now use all of those tools, in combination with solution focused techniques, to provide total life transformation packages to those who are looking for a way to create sustainable change, in a fun, easy way.

Hello Everyone! My name is Iris and I am The Korporate Kapha! During the day I work as an Implementation Manager at a Human Capital Management Technology company and at night I am a self care diva who loves to serve others and look good doing it! As a member of The Kollective Koalition my role is to serve as a Korporate Konnector (more to come on that next week) and a Life Koach! For me, self care isnt just about bubble baths and face masks (even though they are FABULOUS) but making sure that I am intentional about thriving in my mental, spiritual and physical health as well as teaching others how to do it!

Iris Collazo
Kaley McNeil

My name is Kaley❤️ I am a yoga teacher & marketing lover. You can usually find me at the front office of @integratewellnesscenter or teaching yoga in the community (Come join me Sunday nights live on Zoom! A few years ago, I made a decision to leave my "big girl" job and pursue something that brought me more healing & joy. That thing was (and is) yoga. My new found life's purpose is to bring my yoga off the mat & into the world, all while supporting others to do the same!! Now I'm learning to blend my professional skill set with this new passion to create conscious & sustainable marketing strategies and I LOVE it🥰 Follow along with me at @oh.my.goodness.goddess

Growth Mindset Life Koach & COO - Hey there! I am Cheryl and I am Mindful & Fab! Before the sun comes up, you can find me working out at the gym, at a yoga class or going for a run. When the suns out, I am a technical recruiter getting paid to talk to people all day and learn about technology. When the sun goes down, I am a Self-Care Sledgehammer that focuses on the balance between the doing and being of my mind, body and spirit.  As a member of The Kollective Koalition, I am a Life Koach and the COO (Chief Organizational Officer). Or as I like to affectionately call it, COO COO CACHOO! Just ask me about my Panda Planner and you will understand why I'm the COO. Self-care for me isn't just about reading the books, listening to the podcasts, or attending all the workshops I can fit in. It is about taking the tools I've learned, adapting them to fit my lifestyle, and sharing the knowledge (and my energy) with everyone! AKA I'm a Light Warrior baby!

Cheryl Garcia