Mind Immersion Introductory Webinar

Katie Kovaleski & Jen Menzel from The Kollective Co. bring you "Mind Immersion, an introductory webinar."

We would love for you to join us for a free, 30-minute webinar, live on Zoom that will introduce you to Mind Immersion: A 4-block mind, body, & spirit workshop series that will align your thoughts and belief systems with your goals and desires.

Change can be an uphill battle when our subconscious belief systems are not in alignment with what we want in our lives. We get what we believe; if we do not believe we are worthy or if we believe something will be difficult, we usually get just that. Change can be easy and fun and we have the perfect recipe for you! This webinar will cover the 4 blocks of the Mind Immersion series and give you a sneak peak about what to expect.

When: Saturday, 9/12 at 10:30 a.m.

Where: Zoom - When you RSVP as going, you will be messaged the Zoom link

Cost: Free! Just bring an open and curious mind


The Kollective is going virtual! Let’s make self-care accessible and work for YOU.

The Kollective is going virtual! We are offering a virtual option for our self-care drop in sessions. If you are not local to the Orlando area or if your schedule has made attending a self-care class difficult for you, this is a great option!

Join Life Coach and Founder Katie Kovaleski and yogi and marketing guru Kaley McNeil to experience self-care in a whole new way, all from the comfort of your home. Let’s make self-care accessible and work for YOU.

We have two sessions available - Meditation Basics & Living Anxiety FREE -

Both recorded sessions include:

•An in depth look at the topic of focus (meditation basics or living anxiety FREE)

•Gentle all levels yoga

•A grounding yoga nidra meditation practice (guided meditation using a body scan).

•Access to a private facebook group to ask questions, recieve support and share thoughts about your experience

**After purchase you will be emailed a link to the video recording, a handout to accompany the recording as well as an invite to the private facebook group.

**Self-Care Investment: $10 for each session OR $17 to purchase both - the ticket link on this page will allow you to purchase single sessions or both.

Please message us with any questions!


Subconscious Sunday's!

Join us for PSYCH-K® Sunday! We will be featuring six private, 1- hour long time slots (all one-on-one) at discounted rates to allow Orlando area residents to experience this amazing modality.

PSYCH-K is a process that utilizes muscle testing to rebalance (eliminate and replace) limiting belief systems.

What is a Limiting Belief?

~I’m not good enough

~I always attract the wrong people

~Others don’t see me

~It runs in my family so I’m doomed to get it

Do any of these sound familiar?

What if we told you in a matter of minutes we could change these statements to:

~I am enough

~I attract positive & loyal people in my life

~I’m seen and heard

~I am my own person

Think about how these small statements could change your entire life - and that's just the TIP of the iceberg!

This will revolutionize your life and eliminate the need for all of the extraneous work you put into achieving your goals - both personally and professionally.

No more mantras on repeat, hours of self-care or self-help, endless amounts of talk therapy or "powering through" life.

Change can be quick, easy and efficient and science has finally taught us how to understand the brain in order to create a modality that will rewire the brain in a matter of minutes.

(We have 12 spots available for the day with two available spots per hour time slot. The first two sessions begin at 10 a.m. and we will be running the hour long sessions until 5 p.m. - The ticket link specifies which times and spots are available. )

**This event will be occurring monthly, use the link below to RSVP with your name and email so we can send you a direct invite.

Self-Care Investment: $60