Pink Moon Ritual

We have recorded a special gift for everyone! Enjoy this Pink Moon Ritual that includes relaxation through breath, discussion on accountability and a guided journaling exercise that will leave you with a NEW mindset. (It also includes an optional burning ceremony)

We recommend doing some mindful movement (stretching or yoga beforehand) if you have the time and/or energy. If you do, use the links below to access amazing FREE movement videos. The first is from the YouTube studio Sunlight Yoga and the second link features Kaley McNeil from The Kollective Co. Virtual Class series.

Sunlight Yoga Class:

Basic Yoga Poses/Stretching: (skip ahead to minute 51 for the stretching)

Materials for this ritual:

-Pen and paper, feel free to use a journal if you have one
-Quiet Space
-Comfy place to sit

Optional for a burning ceremony:

-Two sturdy bowls, one filled with water
-Matches or Lighter
-Well ventilated area preferably outside if possible

Enjoy the ritual!

And join us on Tuesday’s beginning next week at 10 a.m. for out coffee talk series, we will be featuring brief, guided self-care rituals, hot topics, discussions and bonding over coffee! This sessions will be live on Zoom and will also be uploaded as recordings after. (RSVP to the event for the Zoom link.)

Coffee Talk Link:

Lastly, we want to hear FROM YOU! What would benefit you right now? Guided meditations, self-care basics, yoga, open
forum discussions and Q&A or guest speakers on hot topics? What do you want to learn more about? Let us know ❤

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Link to the Pink Moon Ritual:

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