“PSYCH-K® Really Transformed My Thought Process”

Meet Lesdinet! She is a light within the Orlando community and has been part of the Kollective family for a year. Her openness to try new things and meet herself exactly where she is led her to trying PSYCH-K® which dramatically changed some of her deeply rooted subconscious beliefs in addition to eradicating life long fears.

PSYCH-K® is a powerful process that allows for deeply rooted limiting beliefs and emotional charges from traumatic events or old memories to be changed in a matter of minutes. Our subconscious mind is the driver's seat at least 95% of the time and directly pilots how we make decisions, the thoughts we think, our perceptions and attitudes. For the most part, the way we think, feel and act is a direct product of our subconscious belief systems and we can not directly change them without awareness AND without specific processes or tools designed to reach the mind on a subconscious level.

We will be offering more frequent workshops, classes and personal sessions using PSYCH-K® in the coming months and are excited to let our community experience this amazing process of change. We will be hosting a free webinar in September to introduce you to this process on a more personal level as the introduction to our "Mind Immersion" series. Sign up to receive more information on the webinar and the series using this link: Mind Immersion 

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