SASS Podcast, Episode 2

This episode discusses the lies we tell ourselves and sell ourselves when we want to keep an illusion or dream alive.

Background: This episode was recorded during Katie’s 8-week trip to Michigan where she was staying in a small cottage on a lake in a middle-of-nowhere town with her Mother. This time was really about reconnecting with herself after an intense year (pandemic obviously) discovering co-dependent patterns that started with her relationship with her Mother, going through a break up with her fiance and restructuring her business to be entirely virtual.

On: Do you want the thing or the dream/illusion of it? -  7:15 - 8:05

On: Wanting the thing so badly we ignore every red flag - 9:20-9:45

On: The lies we tell ourselves when we want a dream too badly - 10:40 - 11:03

Inspiration from Shift 110 learning to become aware of what you are consuming:  12:46 - 14:46 (**Reference to balancing/balances & PSYCH-K: The process Katie used to re-program her subconscious)

On: What comes out when we stop lying to ourselves - 15:26 - 15:42

On: Clearing the space so you can choose new things - 16:33 - 16:55


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