SASS Podcast, Episode 3

This is a two part episode featuring Kayla O'Brien. Kayla has been a long time client, friend & colleague and she shares her incredibly moving and RAW story about her path of awakening, struggles with anxiety since childhood and her journey of self-discovery.

This two part episode dives into family dynamics and the impact of mental illness on the whole family. Take a listen to part 1 and stay tuned for part 2 next week!

On: Introduction to the episode 8:29 - 9:18

On: First brush with anxiety 9:20 - 10:04

On: What waking up means to her 10:42 - 11:10

On: Her lightbulb moment 11:48 - 12:58

On: Not being a victim of her circumstances 25:14 - 26:09

On: Unpacking the past **Mention of Integrate Wellness Center 39:28 - 43:53

Youtube: The Kollective Co.

Meet Kayla! Kayla O'Brien Media

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