Self-Care Made Simple

Think you don’t have time for self-care or looking for a way to “fit it in??” Look no further! We have your complete self-care mini-routine all packaged up and ready to go!

This routine is GREAT for using in the morning while waiting for coffee to brew or food to warm up. It literally took me the time for coffee brewing to complete the entire session! It’s a great way to add in self-care while you’re cooking etc.

10-Minute Kitchen Self-Care Routine

1.) Use your counter for a nice forward fold back stretch, keep your spine long and your head in line with your spine, take 3-4 full breaths here


2.) Bend the left knee and look to the left, focus on stretching that right leg, make the right hip long and aim the right hip towards the ceiling, take 2-3 breaths here and switch sides


3.) Mini back bend, lean forward, butt out, arch the back a bit and take 2-3 breaths


4.) Lower forward using those triceps, 2-3 breaths into the chest


5.) Supported forward fold, bend the knees as much as needed, grab opposite elbows and hang down, relax the face and jaw and take 4-5 breaths here until you feel any tension melting


6.) Figure 4, (great butt stretch) lean against the counter for support, cross the right ankle on top of the area above the left knee and hold this position if it’s enough for you, take 4-5 breaths and switch sides


7.) Take the previous stretch a bit deeper by leaning forward (only if you feel you need a deeper stretch)


8.) Stand and do 4 lions breaths! Exhale all the air you have, take a huge inhale, exhale loudly, through the mouth, with your tongue sticking out and shake your head, imagine all your stagnant energy moving out of your body. Repeat x4


9.) Stand with your hands on your heart and belly, close your eyes, focus on the space between your eyebrows, breath deeply and silently repeat the mantra “I am connected” for about a minute


10.) Enjoy your warm beverage and the rest of your day!


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