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On PSYCH-K - Meet Meredith!

"I had never heard of Psych-K until working with the Kollective. I'll admit I was a bit skeptical that I could change my subconscious belief system within a few short sessions. To say it has been life changing for me would be an understatement! I feel like a fog has been lifted from my life.

The sessions were focused but relaxing... I was able to lie in a reclined position as Katie gauged my current belief system. She would say certain statements and test me by seeing my reaction from gently pushing down my arm. Based upon my body's feedback, we continued to work until my new belief system became the norm for me.

After years of traditional counseling for grief and trauma, I simply do not have a reaction to some of those memories. The proof happened immediately for me and it is an incredibly moving feeling. I am excited to work more through the Psych-K techniques!"


"I am more comfortable with ALL of my feelings" - Nikki

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On PSYCH-K & Self-Care - Meet Kayla!

"Working with Katie Kovaleski has been absolutely transformative and has positively changed my life forever. I spent years trying to solve issues with low self-esteem and anxiety through self-help books, prescription medication and unhealthy relationships to no avail.

When I started working with Katie, things began to align in a way I’ve never felt previously. Through our one-on-one sessions I began to understand myself and my triggers more clearly. Her advanced knowledge on mental health and holistic approach to self-care is the perfect combination for me.

Using techniques like PSYCH-K to balance limiting beliefs has made every session feel productive and important in my growth. Katie has shown me that the universe is working for me and through our work together I’m on a path to manifesting everything I could ever dream of. I owe Katie so much and I can’t wait to keep the forward momentum going!"


"If more men would be comfortable with the uncomfortable it would do them a lot of good" - Ari


On the impact of Coffee Talk - Meet Sarah!

How has Coffee Talk impacted you?  "While doing coffee talk for the past three months I’ve found a sense of meaning that has been hidden back into my life. I normally found myself questioning what I was doing and who I had around me that would support me in anything I pursued. When I started coffee talk, I didn’t expect to be super open about my life or share emotional pieces with a group of friends or strangers but, here I am opening up about my life and being emotional. Except now it’s not a group of some friends and mostly strangers. This group, whether you’re new or have been going for months, have become my closest friends, what some might call my family. If I ever feel lost, I can go to them and know they’ll help me and guide me. There is no judgement, no forced options or opinions, just open arms and hearts of gold."

Have you seen any changes since starting Coffee Talk? "Oh man, have I seen any changes?! I’ve turned my whole life around. I mean literally. "The first two weeks of coffee talk I was struggling to find the strength to get out of a relationship I wasn’t happy in. I was struggling to find my way or my purpose. I was searching for answers that I wanted given to me. And by week three of coffee talk I had the support I needed to leave the relationship, apply to go back to school, and make my life plan for myself. By week 9 I had found out that my answers lie inside myself and not with the world around me. I had found the strength that was always inside of myself and began living my most authentic life. I doubt myself less, I speak more freely, I listen more intently, I’ve slowed down, and I found love for myself again. I know each week I have access to a support system that won’t push me if I’m not ready but will push me when they know, and secretly I know, that I’m ready and I need to do this."

What’s your favorite part of the Coffee Talk?  "My favorite part of the coffee talk? I don’t think I could pinpoint one. I love how our sessions have been a bit of a round table talk. How we start each session off with a quote and share how that resonates with each of us. I love this part because it’s helps me slow down. It’s helping me stop and listen to the world around me and access my response before jumping. I actually love every aspect of coffee talk for this reason. Because we start each session with an exercise to slow down our minds and we end each session with chapter titles for our next week. And honestly, I think the chapter titles are my favorite part. Because it’s inspiring to hear everyone’s title and getting motivation from that, but it’s also great to make one for yourself and have a group hold you accountable each week for the title you create for yourself. It’s a nice reminder that you are the author of your life."

What’s one word that comes to mind when to think about Coffee Talk?  "The first word that popped to my mind was freedom. Then I paused and thought about it and now I can’t get acceptance out of my mind too. So, you’ll have to accept two. Freedom and acceptance."


"PSYCH-K really transformed my thought process" - Lesdinet